Latest Casino Bonus Codes and Free Slots

I thought it would be fun to operate a site about the latest casino bonus codes and free slots you can play online, so here it is. The goal of this site is to offer clear information about casino bonuses and how to best take advantage of them. A secondary goal for this site is to offer information about where you can play free slots online.

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One of the first things a responsible gambling information site should offers its readers is a warning. Gambling on the Internet is illegal in many jurisdictions throughout the world. I have no control over who visits this site or from where, so I have no responsibility as it relates to your compliance with local gambling statutes. The only advice and guidance I can provide related to that is to recommend that you make yourself aware of your local gambling laws and make sure that you comply with them.

The Latest Casino Bonus Codes Can Make You Piles of Money

The Latest Casino Bonus Codes Can Make You Piles of Money

I should also point out that not all online casinos are honest. I try not to list or link to any sites that aren’t reputable, but given the nature of the industry, things can change at any time. You’ve read this disclaimer on other sites, I’m sure, but I’m only providing information for educational, entertainment, and/or informational purposes. I’m not responsible for anything you choose to do on the Internet.

All that being said, if you want to find out what the latest casino bonus is at a given property, I hope you’ll be able to easily find that information on this site. I plan to update this page with a list of what I think are some of the best bonus codes. I also plan to launch pages which offer free slots games for you to play.

Future Casino Bonus Codes Articles

Future articles on this site will include information about how to best take advantage of a bonus or promotion from an Internet casino, how to avoid being labeled a “bonus abuser,” and tips about how to maximize your winnings and minimize your losses. Casino gambling, whether it’s done in Las Vegas or on the Internet, is an entertainment expense, and it should be treated as such.

Professional Gambling

No one can make a living taking advantage of online casino bonuses, and no one should try. If your goal is to become a professional gambler, then your needs are beyond the scope of this site. I’d suggest learning to play poker, handicap sports, or count cards.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to get some extra bankroll to play slot machines with on the Internet, then this site should be a perfect fit for your needs.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses come in a variety of types. The one that most people seem to be interested in is the initial signup bonus, which is usually a matching bonus. For example, a casino might offer an arrangement where you deposit $100, and you get an extra $100 in your account as a bonus. Your bankroll, in that case, is $200, instead of $100.

Another type of casino bonus is a no deposit bonus. That’s usually a free chip or a free dollar amount that you get to play with in order to try out the casino’s software without having to deposit any real money of your own. Usually these offers are for amounts less than $25, but you’ll sometimes see deals for larger amounts.

Redeposit bonuses are also common. These bonuses are available to players with an existing casino account who want to put more money into their account.

Some casinos offer additional bonuses to players who use a specific deposit method. For example, a given casino might give you an extra 10% on every deposit you make with Visa. So if you make a $100 deposit using Visa, you’ll get a $10 bonus and have a bankroll of $110 to play with.

Wagering Requirements

If you’re new to the whole Internet gambling scene, you might wonder how a website can afford to provide free money for their players. The answer is that they put restrictions on when you can cash out, and they also put restrictions on which games you can play with the free promotional money you’ve received.

The most common and most important restriction is called a wagering requirement. This means you have to place a certain dollar amount worth of bets before you’re allowed to cash out. This prevents people from depositing $100, getting a $100 bonus, placing one $5 bet on a spin of the roulette wheel, losing, then cashing out $195. That would be an awful business model.

For example, a site might have a 15X playthrough requirement. That means if you deposit $100 and get a $100 deposit bonus, you have a bankroll of $200. That amount multiplied by 15 is $3000, and that’s the amount you’d have to wager before being allowed to cash out. It doesn’t matter whether you make a single $3000 bet, three $100 bets, thirty $10 bets, or one hundred $3 bets–you have to give the casino $3000 worth of action before being allowed to cash out.

Another common restriction is to only allow players to count wagers on certain games in order to fulfill the wagering requirements. All Internet casino sites count slot machine wagers toward their wagering requirements, and most Internet casinos disallow wagering on even-money type games like blackjack, craps, and roulette.

Here’s why. Suppose you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus, and you have a total bankroll of $200. Then let’s suppose that you bet all $200 of it on an even money bet on a European roulette wheel. The house has a 2.7% edge. If you place 15 bets at $200 each, you’ll have wagered $3000 total, and your expectation is to lose 2.7% of that. That’s an expected loss of $81. So you’ll have $119 at the end of theoretically mathematically perfect session, which means you have an expected profit of $19.

Any time a player has a mathematically expected profit, the casino has made a bad deal. Casinos make money because the players have a mathematically expected loss.

Free Slots

Slots, on the other hand, rarely allow you to wager $200 per bet, and they often have a higher house edge than this. In fact, you have no way of knowing what an online casino’s payback percentage is on a slot machine game. If it’s 95%, which means the casino expects to keep 5% of all your wagers, then you stand to lose $150 on $3000 worth of action. So you’d only have $50 of your initial stake left after fulfilling your wagering requirements.

These bonus offers aren’t intended to provide you with a means of outsmarting the casinos and taking them for all their worth. They’re intended to provide you with extra action for your money and more chances to get lucky and hit a big jackpot. If you play with the intent of the bonus offer in mind, you’ll rarely have any problems taking advantage of the latest casino bonus and having a lot of fun.

How does all of this apply to free slots? It’s simple. If you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus, then the spins you make with the $100 bonus money are free spins. Many times when people talk about free slots, they’re talking about slot machine games you can play without risking any of your own money. The problem with a game where you’re not risking any money is that if you don’t risk any money, you can’t win any money.

The Best Casino Bonus on the Internet? $8000 at Grand Parker Casino